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With 3 different trucks sizes to choose from there's not much we can't do


Hydro-excavating is a method of safe excavation that allows exposure of pipes, lines and other underground structures for repair, or as the initial stage in drilling or digging for construction or pipeline trenching. Excavation is performed using highly pressurized water, heated if the ground is frozen and a hand-held wand to penetrate the soil. Hydro-excavating works to increase productivity, enhance project safety, and decrease the overall costs of projects. We are also Manitoba Hydro hot dig certified.

Manhole/Catch Basin Cleaning

The most cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly way to clean a manhole or catch basin is by hydrovacing.A number of issues can impede the function of these systems including trash, oil and grease, chemical spills, deposit build ups and certain organic materials. Hydrovac techniques use high pressure water to effectively remediate and restoration of sewer and drainage systems.

Steaming and thawing

Frozen lines, pumps, conduit , and equipment are no fun.  Our  trucks can quickly and effectively get things thawed and moving for you.  Whether it be culvert melting or pipeline thawing, we can deliver your steam solution safely and efficiently.

Line jetting

The technique of line jetting / hydro jetting has been used in practically every industry where cleaning and unclogging specific areas is required. Line jetting / hydro jetting is used as an inexpensive alternative to repairing a failing septic system.


Skidsteer service

We also offer a number of different skidsteer services. Site prep and clean up, brush cutting, leveling, snow removal. Fast, reliable, and affordable.

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